Rules Summary

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This is a brief overview of the rules, and it's meant for new players as a quick reference. If you are an old player and want to make sure you fully understand the rules, which are applied in moderation actions, reports and appeals, please refer to the full rules. The content of this page doesn't apply in those cases, and the full rules override this page in case of a conflict.


GTA CnR is not a roleplay server, however, there are some rules that govern when you can kill a player. When a player kills another player without a valid reason, it's defined as RDM (random deathmatch).

When you are a civilian

You can kill players who are most wanted (red name) in all cases, in order to collect their bounty. You cannot kill any other player unless it's to defend yourself, your friends, your property or in revenge for something they did to you before. Once you've killed them, you can't kill them again for the same reason.

When a police officer is chasing or attempting to arrest you or your friends you can attack and kill them. You can also attack a cop who's been following or stalking you. Going on a random cop hunt is not allowed. When a paramedic is reviving the cops or the enemies you were fighting against, you are allowed to attack or kill them because doing so will result in the enemy respawning.

If you enter a redzone (or danger zone), you can be killed by other civilian players without a reason, so watch out!

When you are a cop

Once you're on duty as a police officer, a different set of rules applies. You cannot kill other cops or paramedics, unless they are killing others against the rules. Even in that case, you're better off just recording the situation and reporting it, since there's an automatic system that punishes team kills.

You can kill players who are most wanted (red name) whenever you see them if they are not cuffed (flashing name). You can also kill other suspects (wanted level 2-4) if they are armed or pose any kind of threat to you, other cops or the public.

When you encounter a suspect that you cannot kill, you can only chase them and use less-lethal weapons or your vehicle to prevent them from fleeing, making sure not to kill them in the process. You can also use the same methods on a fleeing suspect that's cuffed. Once they're in custody, you must not punch, tase or shoot at them.

When you are a paramedic

As a paramedic, your goal is to heal and revive players, not kill them. You can only kill in self-defense, or in defense of your coworkers. You cannot help a cop chase criminals. If you want to catch criminals, you must change your job to police officer. You have a duty to retreat: when the threat ends (attacker flees) you must not pursue the attacker.


Police officers and paramedics are opponents to criminals (when they have a wanted level), and they must not help eachother by attacking one's opponents or helping them flee. Paramedics can revive suspects, however, they cannot revive them when those suspects are in a shootout with the police. Paramedics should attempt to revive at least one cop, before reviving suspects, so that the suspects get cuffed.

Cops and paramedics cannot ride with wanted suspects in the same vehicle, except when the cop is transporting the suspect to jail, or the paramedic is healing the suspect. Particularly, they must not help those suspects flee from the police. Giving a ride to innocent civilians (no stars) as a cop or paramedic, or giving a ride to a cop or paramedic as an innocent civilian is permitted.


This is a competitive server, thus we want to ensure a fair gameplay. Any kind of cheating is not allowed on the server, whether it's done by exploiting bugs of the game, or by using external mods and software. The key to understanding this rule is simple: if it gives you an unfair advantage over other players that play without those things, it's not allowed, however there are a few minor exceptions, listed in the full rules page.


Leaving the server mid-combat, arrest or during any other situation that would have had unwanted consequences for you is not permitted. When you're cuffed, you must wait for the police to arrest you. When you're dead, you must wait your respawn before quitting, in order to pay the medical fees and eventually your bail.

An exception to this rule is when you've been cuffed for a long time (5 minutes+), but the cops don't seem interested in completing your arrest and they are either ignoring you, or taking you anywhere but to the police department.

Evading Punishments

When you've been issued a ban, you must not attempt to circumvent it. If one of your accounts is banned, you cannot use your alternate accounts to play. If a moderator is about to issue you with a punishment and you're aware of it, you must not leave the server to avoid receiving it.

When you are banned you must wait for your ban expiry date and time. If you think you received a wrong punishment, please open a support ticket instead of working around it!

Lying and Impersonating

You must not lie to staff members in a player report, ban or infraction appeal, or when claiming a prize, refund or bonus. You also must not impersonate a staff member. We highly value the members of our staff, they help keep the server a safe place to stay, so we ask you to be fair with them.


Do not advertise any website, server, community or product in mass with the purpose of attracting our user towards it.


When you're on the server you must maintain a minimum standard of good conduct. You must behave appropriately with children and underage users, or you may get permantently banned. You must not discriminate other users or use any discriminatory slur. Avoid talking about sensitive subjects. You must not threaten other users with violence, cyber attacks, or encourage suicide or self-harm. Avoid insulting someone's parents or family members, some jokes may be fine, however there's a line you should not cross, especially with strangers or when using the public chats. You must use the chat and microphone for its intended use, and you must not spam or abuse those channels to annoy other users. A bit of music is fine, destroying people's ears isn't.