Grand Theft Auto: Cops & Robbers


Everything you need to know


Mechanic Shops

If you wrecked your car, don't worry, there's always a place where they'll be pleased to give your car his shine back. Find a mechanic shop in San Andreas, it is shown on the map with , meanwhile if you want to give your car a different taste by tuning it, there are Auto Mod Shop too. they're shown on the map with .

Convenience Stores

Here you'll be able to quench your thirst and fight your hunger by buying some food and drinks, and don't forget to get a nice beer, when it's hot outside jugging a cold beer is the best! They're shown on the radar with .


ATMs are a fundemantal part of the gameplay, since all checks will be deposited to your bank, however to make purchases you need cash, that's why you need to access a ATM in order to get the money. They are shown on the map with .


You spawn here once you die, but you can also buy bendages, medkits and heal yourself. Bendages fill up a little bit of your health until they reach 80% of the health, you can hold 10 of them, meanwhile medkits recover your health completely, but you can only hold three at a time. They are shown on the map with .

Police Departments

This is where you will be sent if you don't behave, assuming you are a civilian and not a cop, here you will also be able to turn yourself in, pay your unpaid tickets and bribe the police officers. Also you can join the law enforcement here As a cop instead, this is your HQ, which means any time you die or join the game you spawn here. Interacting with the NPC behind the counters will give you access to a list of all wanted players and other options. They are shown on the map with .

Clothes Stores

Here you can get the drip you always wanted! Show off your style by buying clothes that suit you and go around the streets looking like a playboy. They are shown on the map with .


At Gun Stores you get the artillery you need to fight back the enemies, talk with the clerk and buy your preferred weapon as well as ammunition and get ready to strike back! They are shown on the map with .


At the jewelry you can purchase all the least affordable stuff, like very very shiny watches, necklaces and chains, just talk to the clerk and bring enough money. They are shown on the map with .