Grand Theft Auto: Cops & Robbers


Everything you need to know


Character Customization

Welcome to GTA:CNR, the very first thing to do is creating your character. In the character customization you'll be able to set your character sex, lineage, face features, and clothing.
Choose what best suits your taste!

First spawn and Lifecycle

Once you finished customizing your character you'll be ready to enter the world of GTA:CNR.
Lives are unlimited, so don't worry about losing your progress, thus, everytime you happen to die, you'll be able to respawn with the touch of a simple key.

You will be respawned to the closest hospital, but with a price to pay, nothing is free, but if you don't own enough money to pay your bill,
this one will be paid little by little as debt. You could also wait for paramedics to come revive you, and you'll pay less less in medical fees.

Dots Colors

Any player that's near you will be visible on the radar, know that white dots are civilians, yellow to red dots are criminals, blue dots are cops, purple dots are paramedics


You can check how many players are online by pressing and holding down Z, while only pressing Z will activate the HUD.

Interaction Menu

Pressing M will open the interaction menu, with it you can do things like wearing your beloved bought clothes, calling in your car, consuming items you obtained... many things