GTA Cops and Robbers

Server Rules

Updated on May 21, 2022


1. Do not RDM

This is not a deathmatch server: attacking or killing other players for no reason (RDM) is not allowed, you may not kill another player except where allowed by these rules.
Notice: sections a to j do not apply to police officers and paramedics.
a. Most wanted
Players that are most wanted (have a 5-star wanted level) can be killed on sight by almost all players. Players that aren't emergency or law enforcement workers obtain money by killing them.
b. Revenge
Being attacked, arrested, killed, robbed*, or getting your property damaged, stolen or seized gives you the right to attack and kill the other player on sight once, within the same game session. If you get attacked again, your right to get revenge is reinstated. The chain of revenges must stop when either of the two parties stop.
You are also allowed to send another player to kill your target on your behalf; your right to revenge will be satisfied once the order or contract is completed, and you cannot kill the target again. If you've been sent to kill someone, you must have evidence that the order or contract has taken place (e.g. a DM screenshot).
c. Self-defense and defense of friends
You're allowed to kill an attacker in self-defense or in defense of your friends. Whenever you feel that your life or the life of a friend is being endangered by another player, you can defend yourself and claim self-defense (or defense of friends). If the attacker(s) are obviously together with other players (e.g. they're in the same vehicle), you are allowed to kill them.
Examples of players you can kill in self-defense:
  • A player brandishing a weapon near you, unless you're in a gun store
  • A player aiming a weapon at you
  • A player shooting at you or near you
  • A player trying to stab you or hit you with a tool or melee weapon
  • A player moving towards you, unless you're in a point of interest
  • A player following you or staying nearby without explanation, unless you're in a point of interest
d. Defense of property
You're allowed to kill players in defense of your property from theft, damage and trespassing. Examples of players you can kill in defense of your property:
  • A player steals your vehicle
  • A player damages your vehicle (intentionally or not)
  • A player enters your vehicle without your permission
e. Provoking
You're are allowed to kill players who provoke you once, within the same game session. If they do one or more of the following things, then they are provoking you:
  • Insulting you, your friends or your crew
  • Playing emotes that can be perceived as insults near you (middle finger, twerking, gang signs, and similar)
  • Playing music or making loud/annoying noises, unless you're in a point of interest
  • Holding the horn or making other noise with vehicles, unless you're in a point of interest
f. Players competing against you
You're also allowed to kill players in the following cases:
  • They are driving the most wanted vehicle
  • They want to steal the same vehicle you are trying to steal
  • They join a robbery you're doing without your consent
  • They are in a drug spot, you're a drug dealer and want to use that spot
g. Players in a redzone
If you are in a marked redzone you may kill other players that are occupying it. If the target leaves the redzone, you may not chase them out of it with the intent to attack and/or kill, unless you have a reason to do so.
h. Cops working against you

You are always allowed to kill cops when they're working against you, or when you have a reasonable belief that they are.

When you are an innocent civilian, you can kill cops who are stalking or following you or your friends, unless you are in a point of interest.

When you are a wanted suspect, or you're playing with wanted suspects, you can kill police officers in the following cases:

  • they are chasing or trying to pull you or your friends over
  • they are shooting at or tasing you or your friends
  • they are arresting one of your friends
  • they are moving towards your location, and/or getting too close (within assault rifle range), except when you are close to a police spawn location (police stations).
Once one of the conditions is met and you make the decision to eliminate the cop, you are allowed to attack and kill them even if they backtrack and choose to flee.

Never attack and/or kill random cops, also known as "cop hunting", or you will get fined or banned.

i. Paramedics working against you
You're allowed to attack and/or kill paramedics who are reviving or healing your enemies or opponents they revived one very recently, or they've been standing near dead bodies for some time (5 seconds+) and don't seem to back up. Do not kill the paramedic if they are hesitant, or they changed their mind before doing it. You are not allowed to take paramedics hostage and force them to work for you. Never attack and/or kill random paramedics, or you will get fined or banned.
j. Players who agreed to be killed
If a player agreed to be killed by you, agreed to a duel or any other kind of deathmatch activity, or agreed to roleplay a scene in which one of the participant may be killed, then all the players involved in that activity will have no protection, and no fault. If a crew is officially at war with another crew, then all the members are automatically involved in the activity.
k. When you are a cop
When you are playing as a cop, the previous rules do not apply. You may only attack and/or kill players in the following cases:
  • Self-defense
  • Defense of other players
  • Most wanted suspects, unless they are surrendering or cuffed
  • Suspects that are seen holding a weapon
  • Suspects that committed a violent crime in your presence
  • Suspects that are currently (or were very recently) a threat
  • Suspects that are obviously together with other armed or dangerous suspects
  • Suspects that are fleeing with a boat or an aircraft
  • Suspects that are swimming away or underwater
  • Someone who explicitly asks to be killed, preferably in written form (text chat)
  • if you just joined an active situation, and cops were already shooting at a certain suspect, you may assume the suspect is dangerous and use deadly force as well. If it turns out that the suspect was not a threat, you will not be responsible in this scenario.
  • you may use your vehicle at low speed to stop a fleeing suspect, and you deem it safe to do so without killing them.
  • you may use less-lethal weapons to stop unarmed fleeing suspects. You should not tase suspects who are standing still and complying with police commands.
  • you may also use less-lethal weapons on suspects who are in a vehicle and refuse to get out after you asked them to, but not on their vehicle's tires.
  • you may also use less-lethal weapons on any civilian or suspect who you believe is trying to uncuff a cuffed suspect, or help a suspect in non-violent ways.
You are not allowed to willingly attack/kill other players in the following cases, except in self-defense:
  • An innocent civilian
  • Another cop
  • A paramedic
  • A suspect that is surrendering on their knees
  • A suspect that is handcuffed (you can only stun them if they are running)
  • A suspect that is in police custody
You are not allowed to carjack an innocent civilian, a cop or a paramedic.
l. When you are a paramedic
When you are playing as a paramedic the previous rules do not apply. You may only hurt or kill players in self-defense, defense of other paramedics, or someone who explicitly asks to be killed, preferably in written form (text chat). When the threat ends, you must stop shooting. You cannot pursue the attacker. You cannot help cops in their crime-stopping duties, and you must avoid being in their vehicle while they're chasing criminals, but you must work together as a single team with different responsibilities.
You are not allowed to carjack an innocent civilian, a cop or a paramedic.
m. Unintentional kills
If you unintentionally kill a player, but it was a careless or negligent act, it's still subject to moderation action (e.g. shooting in the direction of a player that you're not supposed to shoot at, and you saw they were there). The only exception is when the situation was completely out of your control (e.g. lag issues, players suddenly running in the middle of the street, or in front of your line of fire) or when a player uses a cuffed or AFK player as a human shield.
n. Associating with, enabling or facilitating RDM
Associating with a player that is committing RDM in your presence, such as sitting in their vehicle and not trying to leave immediately after realizing what they are doing, is to be considered a violation of this rule.
Enabling or facilitating RDM, such as being the driver of a player who is committing RDM and not stopping your car, leaving it, or driving away from their target is to be considered a violation of this rule.

2. Do not Cross-Team

Cops and paramedics are a team, with different duties, and they are opponents to suspects. However, paramedics have a specific duty within their team, which is not helping the cops arrest suspects.
a. When you play as a civilian
b. When you play as a cop
c. When you play as a paramedic
Don't team up with or help opponents or you will get fined or banned.

3. Do not Cheat

Using any kind of modification that gives you an unfair advantage is not allowed, including, but not limited to: mod menus, wallhacks, noclip, health lock, damage modifiers. Knowingly teaming up with users of such modifications is not allowed. If you see a cheater, please, report them. Don't cheat or you will get banned and your progress could get reset.


Some mods may give the player a very mild advantage, but they are widely used by the community, so we decided to add exceptions for them.


Tracer mods give you the advantage of seeing where you're being shot from more clearly, and thus they aren't allowed. In case you use tracer mods, you will first receive a formal warning to remove them, then a ban if you don't comply.

4. Do not Exploit

Exploiting any bug or money or XP loophole of the game or server to your advantage is not allowed, don't do that or you will get banned and possibly get your progress reset.

Using emotes (animations) mid-combat is not allowed. Skipping scripted animations by any means is also not allowed. Intentionally getting other players a wanted level as a cop is not allowed.

Hacking, reverse engineering, or any usage of our systems in a way other than the way it was intended to be used will cause you to get permanently banned from our platform.

If you find an easily abusable bug, you should report it in a private support ticket.

5. Do not Combat Log

Leaving the server to avoid being killed, arrested, penalized by an admin or any other negative consequence that would otherwise have happened is not allowed. An exception to this rule is when you've been cuffed for too long and the cops don't seem interested in arresting you. Having spawn protection on doesn't excuse logging out if the attacker has reason to kill you. Do not combat log or you will be fined or banned.

6. Do not Evade Bans

If you are banned from the server you are expected to wait the full duration of your ban. Circumventing the ban in any way is not allowed; if you have multiple accounts, don't use any of them when one is banned, or your ban time will be doubled.

7. Do not Lie to Staff

You cannot lie to the staff in the following contexts: That doesn't exclusively apply to tickets: it can be anywhere as long as a staff member is involved in the conversation. If you are proven to have knowingly lied to a staff member in any of those contexts you will get banned.

8. Do not Impersonate Staff

Impersonating a staff member is not allowed under any circumstance, and will get you immediately banned. Some common occurrences that fall into staff impersonation are:

9. Do not Advertise

Advertising anything that isn't directly related to GTA CnR is not allowed. Advertising means exposing a website, server, community, product or any other kind of entity or object in mass with the purpose of attracting users towards it. A simple mention doesn't equate to advertising.

10. Maintain an Appropriate Behavior

a. Children
Behave appropriately with children, or you will be permanently banned from the platform with no possibility of appeal.
b. Violence and other threats
Do not threaten with real violence, encourage suicide, dox, hack or threaten to do any of those things to other users.
c. Illegal subjects
Avoid discussing the following subjects:
  • Illegal hacking
  • Piracy
  • Rape
  • Child abuse
  • Suicide and self-harm
  • Mass murders and genocide
  • Animal abuse
If you're caught talking about any of those subjects in a positive way, you'll get banned.
d. Discriminating
Do not discriminate between users based on:
  • Religion
  • National origin
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disabilities
Don't use derogatory terms to define or refer to those users.
e. Insulting
  • Do not insult or degrade anyone's family members
  • Do not wish death, illness or violence to anyone
There's a gray area between a joke and an insult, in that case, the situation will be handled at staff discretion.
f. Bullying
You must not bully other users by constantly harassing them in-game with text messages or voice chat. If someone asks you to stop harassing them with messages or voice, you must limit your interaction with that user to the strict necessary for the gameplay. Users who are found constantly harassing specific people will get banned.
g. Disturbing
You're allowed to play and express yourself in the game, however, you're not allowed to disturb other users while doing so. Do not:
  • spam or flood the global text chat
  • scream or play loud or distorted noises and voices
You are allowed to play music in an area where most of the present players approve. If you move to an area and players that are already there ask you to turn it down, you must turn it down or move away. If other players come to your location where you were already playing the music, then they must move if they don't wanna listen to it, except if the location is usually crowded, such as spawn locations and stores.
h. Disrespecting moderators
You must not disrespect a staff member on moderation duty by insulting, provoking or challenging them in relation to their duties. This can get you muted, fined, kicked and even banned in the more severe cases. This rule doesn't apply if the moderator was involved in the argument in any way, shape or form.


User a physical person that's registered on the platform
Player a human-controlled character
NPC an AI-controlled character
Friend a player that you like and you had at least one positive interaction with
Enemy a player that you dislike and you had at least one negative interaction with
Opponent a player whose game objective conflicts with yours
Game sessiona game week, starting Sunday 00:00 and ending whenever the server stops or restarts
Weapon a tool that can give damage to players (guns, knives, melee weapons)
Less-lethal weapon a tool that's designed to neutralize a player without damaging them
To attack to hit, shoot at, or ram a player or the vehicle they're in, intentionally or negligently
Threat (in-game) an endangerment by another player's behavior, including being driven towards, aimed at, carjacked, kidnapped and promised to be killed. Its duration is short by nature, it's no longer called a threat when the danger stops existing.
Dangerous a player who's a threat may also be described as dangerous
Points of intereststores, hospitals, police stations, mechanic shops, scrapyards, warehouses. You don't have to be inside the building.
To carjack to drag someone out of their vehicle (and optionally, steal it)
Your property your money, your personal vehicles, the vehicles you're currently using or you parked nearby, your home, your business, your items
Innocent a player whose wanted level is 0
Civilian a player that has the ability to gain or lose wanted level
Criminal a player that has a wanted level of one star or more, and their name is yellow, orange or red
Most wanted a suspect that has a 5 star wanted level
Cop a player that has the ability to arrest suspects
Paramedic a player that has the ability to revive players
Staff testers, designers, developers, moderators, admins, managers, co-owners, owners
Scripted feature a feature that's pre-built into the game, as opposed to player-created scenarios
Modification an external addition to the game
Bug a feature that doesn't work the way it is intended to

Please, report rulebreakers to admins in-game or on Discord.
When reporting a player, the burden of proof is on you and the reported player is innocent until proven guilty.
These rules are to be interpreted by the staff as a whole, in the most reasonable way.
Not knowing the rules or being a new player doesn't make you exempt from them.

* Some features aren't available yet in the game, but the rules regarding them have been written in advance.